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Dr. Robert S. Widom, RabbiDear Friends:


I take pride in all of the dimensions of our synagogue. I have learned through the years that this is a good place to be. I appreciate the good work performed by our president, officers and trustees, as well as all those who represent our Sisterhood and Brotherhood, our Religious School, Nursery School and Academy for Jewish Studies, our Youth Department, Social Action Committee and Social Service Department.

But the heartbeat of it all is the sanctuary. Take this away, and all of the rooms would wither and the projects crumble. The building would become an empty shell, a museum of matters that no longer matter. It is from the sanctuary that we draw our strength. We take a moment in the week and garb that moment in music and words to set a mood; and why? So that we might think about our lives against the measuring rod of worth, against the backdrop of ideals.

It is with this in mind that I call your attention to the emphasis that we place on Friday evening attendance and devotions. The programs, along with the prayer service, are designed to meet the diversified needs of all of our congregants; so that on Friday night in the sanctuary, every single individual, every member of the family, becomes part of a larger family at Temple.

Remember: the commitment that you make to Friday evening attendance will provide nourishment for the week ahead. I look forward to seeing you.

Dr. Robert S. Widom


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